Common traits of great sales teams

Sales Strategy


What does your company sell, to whom and how? What does success look like?

Some components of a sales strategy:

  • Product or service matrix
  • Target users
  • Value proposition
  • Distribution Channels
  • Price Book
  • Sales Tools
  • Terms and Conditions of sales
  • Go to market plan
  • International considerations
  • Goals

Sales Process


What processes do you need to scalably turn leads into revenue?

  • Lead capture and tracking
  • Qualification
  • Rules of engagement
  • Resource assignment
  • Sale steps - probability of close
  • Negotiation resources
  • Tools - CRM and research tools
  • Metrics

Sales Execution


Executing the strategy requires cross functional agreement and commitment from marketing, product development, HR, operations and finance. Sales leadership is the face of the customer to all of these functions. Equally, customer success rewards stakeholders for their contributions. Key elements of execution:

  • Goal alignment
  • Organization
  • Recruitment and hiring
  • Training
  • Measurement and metrics
  • Mentoring
  • Making changes when needed
  • Responding to unforeseen opportunities

Sales Team


Great teams are people who align their skills, values and ambitions to each other and their company and it's strategy. While competitive, they help each other and know when to ask for help. They are curious, challenging and innovative while being loyal and reliable.

  • Lead by example
  • Comp plan and goal alignment
  • Communication
  • Resource allocation
  • Feedback mechanisms
  • Integration with other functions
  • Recognition and rewards