Problems We Solve

Are you proud of your sales team?

Problem with sales strategy

Products/services and value proposition not clearly defined

No clear channel strategy and pricing model

Sales team not selling the right  products

Target customers not in pipeline

New products do not fit in old strategy

Online/traditional channel mix outdated

Problems with process

Leads not converting to revenue

Poor record of follow up

Pipeline content unreliable

"Closed" deals do not produce revenue

Data in CRM is unreliable

Workflow from lead to ship inefficient

Account history left with former team member

Problems with execution

My team does not sell what we want

Forecast is unreliable

Poor accountability for lost opportunity

Do not know what my team is working on

No feedback from customers on products

Expenses do not align with results

Problems with team

Low regard for team members

Team uses tools poorly

Comp plans poorly aligned with goals

History of poor hires

Best team members leave

Cannot account for team use of time

Team manipulates deal closing to maximize comp

Team withholds data